Storage Types

Storage Types Available

Longview Climate Storage has a solution for your self storage needs, we have the following storage types available at our facility:

  • Household use – associated with a move, to de-clutter your home, downsizing, etc.
  • Business use – to store files, documents, inventory, promotional items, etc.
  • Climate Controlled Storage – to help protect any stored items from the large swings in temperature and humidity in our area.

With self storage, you keep the key or combination to your lock so you control who has access to your goods. You will be given a personal gate keycode to enter the property and building as often as you need to access your items. For your convenience, we sell locks and also offer low-cost self storage insurance to protect your valuables.

Storage Types - Household Storage

Household Storage

If you do not have enough space in your home, apartment, or mobile home to accomodate all of your items, self storage offers you additional space so that you don’t have to sell or dispose of your hard earned possessions.
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Climate Controlled Hallway

Climate Controlled Storage

Avoid the extremes in temperature and humidity to protect your items, especially if they are stored for long time periods. Items like wood or leather furniture, appliances, electronics, and mattresses would benefit.
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Storage Types - Business Inventory

Business Storage

Self storage is an ideal business partner, providing additional storage space for a much lower cost per square foot. Business can store items such as filing cabinets, records, inventory, marketing or promotional materials, etc.
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SafeStor Self Storage Insurance

Self Storage Insurance

No self storage facility is liable for any loss or damage to the property you have stored. As a result, we offer low-cost self storage insurance to provide you protection and peace of mind. We highly recommend it to all tenants.
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